equivalent temperature

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e·quiv·a·lent tem·per·a·ture

the temperature of a thermally uniform enclosure in which, under still air conditions, a "sizable" black body loses heat at the same rate as in the nonuniform environment.
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A model was proposed to evaluate the thermal comfort using the equivalent temperature for different body segments (Martinho et al.
There is a set of typical applications on the calculation of thermal comfort indices, the standard effective temperature (SET) [3], the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) [4, 5], the perceived temperature (PT) [6], and the physiologically equivalent temperature (PET) [7-9].
Bluestein, 2005: The new wind chill equivalent temperature chart.
3.2 Equivalent Temperature. For evaluation of the thermal passenger comfort, acquisition of single thermal parameters is often insufficient, as it is the interaction of a variety of parameters, such as air temperature, air velocity, surface temperatures and others, which determine the thermal sensation of humans.
Moreover, many different models, such as the environmental stress index (ESI) [23], discomfort index (DI) [24], modified discomfort index (MDI) [25], effective temperature (ET) [26], corrected effective temperature (CET) [27], equivalent temperature ([T.sub.eq]) [28] and operative temperature ([T.sub.o]) (ISO 7730) [29] have been proposed as alternatives to rational methods of heat-stress evaluation.
The equivalent temperature of the office environment was 25 [degrees]C, as specified by ISO 14505-2, for the activity level and clothing ensemble that most closely matched those used in the simulation.
To account for the complex effects of various meteorological parameters, we determined the universal thermal climate index (UTCI), which is a measure of equivalent temperature based on the Fiala model (Fiala et al.
In the study, the physiological equivalent temperature (PET) was used as the standard temperature.
The coupled thermal connections (equivalent temperature and zero-leak of heat flux) are also applied as boundary condition belween manifold sealing faces, bolt and body connections, flex bar and die body connections.
COOLING POWER OF WIND ON EXPOSED FLESH EXPRESSED AS AN EQUIVALENT TEMPERATURE ESTIMATED ACTUAL THERMOMETER READING (F) WIND SPEED (IN MPH) 5O 40 30 20 10 0 -10 EQUIVALENT TEMPERATURE (F.) Calm 50 40 30 20 10 0 -10 5 46 37 27 16 6 -5 -15 10 40 28 16 4 -9 -24 -33 15 36 22 9 -5 -18 -42 -46 2D 32 18 4 -10 -25 -39 -53 25 30 16 0 -15 -29 -44 -59 30 26 13 -2 -13 -33 -49 -63 35 27 11 -4 -20 -33 -51 -67 40 26 10 -6 -21 -37 -53 -69 WIND SPEEDS LITTLE DANGER (FOR INCREASING GREATER PROPERLY CLOTHED DANGER: THAN 40 PERSON) MAXIMUM DANGER FROM MPH HAVE DANGER OF FALSE FREEZING OF LITTLE SENSE OF SECURITY.
The more widely used wind chill equivalent temperature represents another attempt to combine environmental factors into a single index to indicate human comfort and it describes the amount of cold exposure and the risk for cold weather injuries quite well (19-23).
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