ER setting

ER/trauma setting

Medtalk 'A chaotic environment characterized by an unpredictable number of Pts with unscheduled arrivals, unplanned situations requiring intervention, allocation or limited resources, need for immediate care as perceived by the Pt or others and unknown variables that include severity, urgency, diagnosis' NEVA Standards of emergency Practice
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Additionally, a study in the outpatient setting found no association of smoking to alcohol use disorders while in the psychiatric ER setting, there was a very high association of tobacco use and alcohol use disorders [18].
Nurses in this study identified several barriers with end-of-life care in the ER setting. Meleis (2010) referred to such barriers as insufficiencies.
To the best of the researchers' knowledge this is the first study from West Virginia which reviewed a pattern of cocaine use in the ER setting. Despite the limitations of this study, the data strongly suggest there be further investigation into the utilization of UDS in the ER as well as a review of resources available to treat both illicit drug abuse and associated mental health disorders.
Anderson's treatment of the patient, specifically his decision to discharge her from the ER, rather than to delay discharge for further observation, or to admit her to the hospital, fell within the applicable standard of care for a physician providing treatment to a patient suffering from diabetes-related hypoglycemia in an ER setting. In this context, evidence as to the actual cause of the patient's subsequent coma, brain injury, and death was clearly relevant in determining whether the standard of care was violated.
I have worked in the ER setting for 8 years now as well.
This new targeted continuing education (CE) applies to a licensed nurse "employed to work in an emergency room (ER) setting." Auditing for this new CE requirement will commence September 1, 2008; thus, a nurse employed in a ER setting on or after September 1, 2006, would have two years to comply, based on the nurse's employment in the ER.
There's some evidence that metoclopramide at high doses (40 mg IV) may be better than sumatriptan (Imitrex) in the ER setting for patients presenting with acute moderate-to-severe migraine.
Physicians, especially in an ER setting, demand fast response in what can be life-threatening situations.
Those methods include the 3 primary cardiac markers measured in the ER setting: creatine kinase (CK-MB) isoenzyme, myoglobin, and cardiac troponins T and I.
Therefore, policymakers and health services providers may consider designing programs to bring primary care and prevention services to facilities where drug users are more likely to seek access to care, within an ER setting.
We wanted to examine access to primary care and ER settings among binge drinkers in the broader context of health care utilization.
Some important themes that emerge from these descriptions are that alcohol is a significant risk factor in cases presenting in emergency departments; in contrast, alcohol-related problems are not perceived to be a significant health and safety issue; and there is no routine monitoring or screening for alcohol in ER settings.