Eino, Finnish anatomist, 1924-1984. See: Eranko fluorescence stain.
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Johanna Eranko: Tired Light, FINITE; Matthew Whittail: Points of Attraction; Kai Nieminen: Elegy, Hymnos II, Ancient Songs; Tommi Hyytinen: Streaming, Restless Longing; Tomi Raisanen: Vdki.
Composer Johanna Eranko describes her work, Tired Light, as "kaleidoscopic made up of constant elements, but always changing." There are episodic looping elements of different lengths lending structure and continuity to the piece, while the music is in a constant state of flux.
Eranko's piece for solo horn, FINITE, was commissioned by a granting organization that imposed certain restrictions on the piece--that it had to be suitable for vocational students.
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Therefore, Iwa character plays an important role in the making and passing of rights, and in the integrity of individuals because a human being without good character, though human, but is no less than eranko, an animal.
The SIF cells are easily distinguished from the other components by their high nucleocytoplasmatic ratio and their small size (Eranko & Eranko, 1971 ; Borghini et al., 1991 ; Heppner et al., 1996).
Several authors have described the presence of two types of neuron in the ganglia of autonomic nervous system: small and large, respectively cells with diameter smaller than 13[micro]m, SIF cells, and those with diameter between 13 and 50 [micro]m, ortosympathetic neurons (Eranko & Eranko; Gabella & Trigg, 1984; Borghini et al.; Flett & Bell, 1991 and Costa et al., 1992).
(2) kiniun ni oba eranko. lion be king animal `The lion is the king of animal.' (3) kiniun je eranko nla.
It is to be noted that the utterance would still not be correct with je but without the qualifier tiki `big': (5') *kiniun je eranko. lion be animal
the size of animals is what is being discussed), then we would have a construction with ni: (3') eranko nla ni kiniun.