equivalent dose

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e·quiv·a·lent dose

in radiation protection, the absorbed dose averaged over a tissue or organ and weighted for the quality of the type of radiation. The unit of equivalent dose is the sievert.
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equivalent dose

Abbreviation: HT
The biologically active dose of radiation. The damage that a particular absorbed radiation dose will have on living cells and tissues.
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Table 3: Equivalent Doses Received by the Nuclear Medicine Technologist from each Scan
Age at time of treatment (years) Median 56 Range 12-85 Patients (n = 16) Male 7 (44%) Female 9 (56%) Lesions (n = 25) Peripheral 19 (76%) Central 6 (24%) Histology Leiomyosarcoma 7 Synovial cell 5 Osteosarcoma 4 Liposarcoma 2 NOS 2 Spindle cell 1 Chondrosarcoma 1 Liposarcoma 1 Hemangiopericytoma 1 Embryonal 1 Dose fractionation and BED * 54 Gy, 3 fractions (BED = 151.2 Gy) 13 (52%) 50 Gy, 4 fractions (BED = 112.5 Gy) 9 (36%) 36 Gy, 3 fractions (BED = 79.2 Gy) 2 (8%) 42 Gy, 3 fractions (BED = 100.8 Gy) 1 (4%) * Biological equivalent dose is calculated per (1), assuming [alpha]/ [beta] ratio of 10 for tumor (n = number of fractions, d = total dose).
international unit for the equivalent dose is the sievert (Sv).
For example, a validated model of colon cancer suggests that a human equivalent dose of as little as 2.3 mg of resveratrol daily is protective.
The Holy Grail of this research will be to discover what enzymes are allowing the insects to enjoy these stellar life spans and then find an equivalent dose for human beings.
"The equivalent dose of salicin given in the form of aspirin has no pain-killing properties whatsoever." He added that people who are allergic to aspirin, are pregnant or are lactating shouldn't take the extract without consulting a doctor.
An equivalent dose is not in itself going to pose a problem to a pregnant woman or to her developing child.

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