zymogen granules

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zymogen granules

Etymology: Gk, zyme, ferment, genein, to produce; L, granulum, little grain
granules found in some secretory exocrine cells. They contain the precursors of enzymes that become active after the granules leave the cell.


an inactive precursor that is converted into an active enzyme by action of an acid or another enzyme or by other means; a proenzyme.

zymogen cells
the secretory cells that secrete the zymogens.
zymogen granules
contained in the cytoplasm of the secretory cells in the relevant gland. Contain the zymogen.
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Oxidant stress is thought to destabilize zymogen granules and lysosomes, potentially increasing the risk of intra-acinar activation of digestive enzymes (Apte et al.
monodon had a distinct response to feeding through either digestive enzyme production via formation of zymogen granules (Al-Mohanna et al.
Transport to condensing vacuoles and zymogen granules, J.
Hence these cells are producing zymogen granules that may contain aminopeptidase.