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, zygapophyseal (zī'gă-pō-fiz'ē-ăl, zī-gă-pof'i-se'ăl),
Relating to a zygapophysis or articular process of a vertebra (for example, zygapophysial joints).
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The treatment of patients with CH requires a generalized approach with pharmacologic, physical, and interventional pain management, including anesthetic block, zygapophysial joint/medial branch corticosteroid injection, RFA, and surgical treatment (12).
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Thus, each motion segment is comprised of three joints: one anterior inter-body joint (the flexible interspace formed at the superior and inferior vertebral endplates and the IVD) and two posterior articular facet (zygapophysial) joints.
The precise shapes and spacing of the opposing zygapophysial joint surfaces have a critical effect on the predicted contact stresses, and even finite element models must approximate these shapes and spacing from limited cadaveric material.
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The right transverse process is complete and extends beyond the zygapophysial lateral margin.
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