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Denoting a substance with the properties of a zwitterion; for example, at pH value of 6.11, alanine is zwitterionic.
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At lower pHs than IEP, the zwitterionic group of the block copolymer should be charged considerably positively in acidic medium due to the formation of ([R.sub.3][N.sup.+]H)- (where R indicates phenylene groups), on the main chain by protonation and simultaneous neutralization of the pendant ionic groups as -S03H.
The company, located in Boston, is developing a novel class of molecular therapeutics referred to as ZPS therapeutics, based on zwitterionic polysaccharides.
These agents are classified based upon their charge, as they are ionic, nonionic, or zwitterionic. Acids like peracetic acid and bases like sodium hydroxide solubilize the cell membrane and nuclear material by utilizing their intrinsically charged properties.
Ionic detergent (SDS) [9], Non-ionic detergents [10], Zwitterionic detergent [11] and enzyme (Trypsin) [12] was used in 0.5% concentration for decellularization of bovine omasum.
As previously demonstrated, OprD mutants are resistant only to zwitterionic carbapenems, especially imipenem and the cross-resistance to others [beta]-lactams has not been observed in these strains.
This has been reported to be due to the zwitterionic nature of the ligand in the crystalline form [52].
Hussein, "Rheology of a viscoelastic zwitterionic surfactant used in acid stimulation: Effects of surfactant and electrolyte concentration," Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, vol.
At intermediate pH behave as Zwitterionic. Eg: Lecithin, Ndodycylalanine Table 5: Physicochemical Characterization of Nanoemulsions S.
11] consider that formation of zwitterionic main group LZX provides decrease in energy of system due to Coulomb interaction between ions of ammonium nitrate and lyophilic part of emulsifier molecule.
It is generally recognized that non-ionic surfactants possesses least toxicity and skin irritation potential as compared to anionic, cationic and zwitterionic surfactants (Songko, 2009).