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"We see animals as partners and not as a means of gratification," Michael Kiok, chairman of the Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information group, said at the time to the ( BBC .
The New York Times of 8 March 1909, for example, published coverage of Dana's article under the headline "Passion for Animals Really a Disease," characterizing those who possessed such a passion as having a "new mental malady." The next day, a Times story described the zoophiles' compassion for animals as "fine feelings and noble sentiments gone utterly wrong" and faulted them for "a peculiar callousness to the sufferings of human beings" ("Anti-Vivisectionists").
A ce discours, des romans, tels L'Animale, Le Dessous, L'Homme aux bras de leu et L'Aerophage, opposent la mise en scene ironique d'un moi dont les postures mimetiques dedoublent sa deshumanisation, sinon son inhumanite intrinseque, sous son dehors de civilise emblematique du Progres; par exemple: la femme zoophile (L'Animale), la petite bourgeoise jouant a l'heroine d'aventures sentimentales et apaches (Le Dessous, L'Homme aux bras de feu) ou encore le voyageur francais en Afrique cherchant a maitriser sa peur de l'inconnu avec l'attitude du blanc colonisateur (L'Aerophage).
The filmmakers tape-recorded interviews with several of the Enumclaw zoophiles, and three of them, "Coyote," "H," and "The Happy Horseman," became, with the deceased Mr.
It's something we didn't get into in depth because there wasn't enough material, but we did try to hint at that definite sense that it was not classless entirely (as the zoophiles assert in the narration).
In "Zoo," Devor and Mudede show considerably less interest in the events of that July night than in the circumstances that brought them about--specifically, the online world of zoophiles, of which Pinyan and others at the scene were members.
(1) The stakes that attach to envisaging more complicated identity terrains (recall, e.g., those teeming with zoophiles, onanists, inverts) are the very terms by which modern knowledge is structured, as Sedgwick demonstrates at length in and intimates by her title Epistemology of the Closet.
They called themselves "zoophiles" although most could have walked straight out of The X-Files.
Foucault goes on to cite what he calls the 'strange baptismal names' that nineteenth century psychiatrists and sexologists gave to these new medicalised sexualities: zoophiles, zooerasts, mixoscophiles and sexoesthetics are just some of the exotic terms listed.
But Dana insists that although Stevie, in response to the lashes inflicted on the horse, is "quivering with distress" (Dana 383), he displays the indifference to human suffering often attributed to "zoophiles" because he "does not worry at all about his paralyzed mother who is inside the carriage ..." (383).
Hanaway said the publicity about Missouri has grown to the point "where even Jay Leno is cracking jokes about, what goes on in this state." Hanaway said she hopes the legislature will act swiftly to rid Missouri of the stigma as a haven for zoophiles (people who claim to have affection for the animals with which they couple).