zoonotic infection

zo·o·not·ic in·fec·tion

an infection shared in nature by humans and other species of animals.
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Rabies is a zoonotic infection (a disease that spreads from animals to humans) that can cause a rare but life-threatening infection of the brain and nervous system in humans.
Prolonged or close contact with birds infected with avian influenza (AI) virus increases the risk for zoonotic infection in humans.
canis is a zoonotic infection most commonly acquired from infected pets.
Orf (Ecthyma contagiosum) is a zoonotic infection caused by Parapoxvirus, which is transmitted to human via sheep.
Toxocariasis is a neglected roundworm parasitic zoonotic infection distributed among many countries throughout the world [33].
Q fever is a zoonotic infection caused by the obligate intracellular gram negative bacteria Coxiella burnetti.
DISCUSSION: Hydatid disease is a zoonotic infection caused by adult or larval stages of the cestode Echinococcus granulosus, which is a small, 5-mm-long tapeworm.
Case report: First evidence of human zoonotic infection by Onchocerca lupi (Spirudia, Onchocercidae).
Prevalence of dog gastrointestinal parasites and risk perception of zoonotic infection by dog owners in Wondo Genet Southern Ethiopia.
Toxoplasmosis is a widely spreading zoonotic infection, a disease that can transfer to people from animals.