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(zō-ō-nō′sĭs) plural.zoonoses [″ + nosos, disease]
An infection common in animal populations that occasionally infects humans. Over 250 organisms are known to cause zoonotic infections, of which 30 to 40 are spread from pets and animals used by the blind and deaf. Immunosuppressed people and those who work with animals are esp. at risk of developing zoonoses.
zoonotic (-nŏt′ĭk), adjective


A disease which can be spread from animals to humans.
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A mechanism will also be set up for inter-agency collaboration for sharing surveillance data, exchange of knowledge and information for identification, verification and reporting of abnormal threats of the emerging infectious diseases of zoonotic origin.
In order to further strengthen and maintain technical collaboration , NIH signed this MoU with PARC to establish coordination between animal and human health sectors within the country by evolving a sustainable mechanism of coordination in three major areas including sharing data on disease reporting, surveillance on zoonotic diseases with coordinated response and risk reduction measures at human, animal and environment interface which will ultimately strengthen the national and global health security.
Meanwhile, Dr Abonyi during a press conference said 'we have the department of veterinary public health at the Federal ministries and States, but what we are calling on now is funding to make those body of government very functional to be able to contain these zoonotic diseases, it is a global problem, 60 to 75 per cent of infection diseases we have in the world today are coming from animals'.
TroCCAP is focused on developing tropical climate-specific preventative treatment protocols and guidelines to help veterinarians better mitigate the risk of zoonotic diseases.
1) Chlamydia psittaci is of most concern as it is the most common zoonotic disease identified in pet birds in our practice.
Studies in Mexico suggest 28% of all tuberculosis cases are down to zoonotic TB but a study in India put the figure at 9% and one in children in California suggested a figure of 45%.
Little is known about the biology or epidemiology of this emerging zoonotic parasite.
He has been actively engaged in extension activities including mass awareness on zoonotic and food borne infections through awareness stalls in farmer's fairs and radio/ TV talks.
Several factors now place US residents, returning travelers, and expatriates at the risk of contracting ocular filariasis including increasing seroprevalence rates of zoonotic filariasis, international travel bringing tourists to and expatriates from filariasis-endemic regions, and warming temperatures extending distribution ranges of arthropod vectors.
3) In fact, veterinarians and medical doctors should consider the presence of these zoonotic pathogens in their diagnostic routine.
But swine flu, or the H1N1 influenza, is only one among several diseases with zoonotic origin that can spread rapidly.
Human illness resulting from contact with animals during an emergency response might be minimized if 1) all responders are aware of the potential for zoonotic transmission, 2) education is provided on proper animal handling including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment, and 3) responders practice thorough hand hygiene and decontaminate clothing and equipment following contact with feces.