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(zō′ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) also


1. Of or relating to animals or animal life.
2. Of or relating to the science of zoology.

zo′o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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These habits probably explain the scarcity of samples of this species in scientific collections, even in zoologically well known regions (Anthony 1932).
But Malmgren asserted that he had not come to this borderline by an arbitrary whim or comfortable trust in authorities but by a necessity of nature itself, because everything that was found westwards of this limit was both geognostically, zoologically and botanically, and even ethnologically, typical to Finland and Scandinavia, whereas everything eastwards was Russian or Siberian.
Zoologically speaking, cockroaches are close relatives to shrimp, but this doesn't mean they should be added to sandwiches.
The last group of figurines from Malankari (Figure 13) consists of depictions that cannot be classified zoologically. One example is the front part of an animal body, covered with several short and deep incisions, probably indicating a hairy skin as well as notches along the back (Figure 13: 3) similar to those of the elephant in Figure 11.
In this process, Blacks (or those who are colonized) are over-determined from the outside, pre-marked, prefigured aesthetically as ugly, fixed as immoral, and zoologically categorized as primitive animals.
The success of "the camel book" led the company to sustain and expand its zoologically inspired jackets, and the theme persists to this day.
272); and that as a result, "man, then, considered zoologically, and without regard to the distinct character assigned to him by theology, simply takes his place as the type of all types of the animal kingdom, the true and unmistakable head of animated nature upon this earth" (pp.