zona radiata

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 [zo´nah] (L.)
1. zone.
zona fascicula´ta the thick middle layer of the adrenal gland.
zona glomerulo´sa the outermost layer of the adrenal cortex.
zona ophthal´mica herpetic infection of the cornea.
zona pellu´cida
1. the transparent, noncellular, secreted layer surrounding an ovum.
Zona pellucida. From Applegate, 2000.
2. area pellucida.
zona radia´ta a zona pellucida exhibiting conspicuous radial striations.
zona reticula´ris the innermost layer of the adrenal cortex.
zona stria´ta a zona pellucida exhibiting conspicuous striations.
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zo·na stri·a·ta

the thickened cell membrane of the oocyte in forms, such as certain amphibians, in which it appears radially striated under the light microscope; with the electron microscope the striations can be seen to be microvilli.
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The diameter of advanced oocytes increased by about 2.5 times (1401-1658 [micro]m), and the thickness of their zona radiata ranged from 39 to 61 [micro]m.
The size of mature oocytes and thick zona radiata are similar to those of some members of the families Salmonidae, Pleuronectidae, Hexagrammidae, Hemitripteridae, Cottidae, and Clupeidae, which have adhesive demersal eggs that are deposited on a variety of substrates.
La zona radiata se visualizo con estrias radiales y la capa folicular y teca formada por celulas planas nucleo alargado y basofilo y nucleo poco definido.
between zona radiata and follicule epithelium was observed (Fig.
The zona radiata was wider than in the middle phase, and exhibited a strong acidophilia (Fig.