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Drug slang A regional street term for
(1) PCP
(2) A heavy user of illicit drugs
Paranormal One of the ‘living dead’ of Haitian voodoo folklore
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As Robert Kirkman's zombie comic 'The Walking Dead' comes to an end, Marvel is all geared up to bring back its superhero zombie series.
In movies, the cutting-edge depiction of zombies is that found in the 2013 film 'World War Z.' Ostensibly based on Max Brooks' amazing 2006 novel, the film, directed by Marc Foster, diverges heavily from the source material.
Let's face it, you already know if you're part of the audience for a zombie horror musical comedy or not.
Zombie Nightmare is set amid a zombie apocalypse, with shopping centres designated as safe zones where scientists and specialists have been working to eradicate the zombies once and for all.
HARRISBURG -- For the first time in its history, Southeastern Illinois College Archery Team will host a zombie shoot at the Indoor Archery Center and the Outdoor Archery Range in Harrisburg just in time for fall festivities.
The vessel that has lain abandoned at Llanerch-y-Mor near Mostyn in Flintshire since the mid-1980s has been taken over by the "UK's biggest" supplier of zombie experiences - Zombie Infection.
Structural considerations aside, though, How Zombies Conquered Popular Culture is an inspired investigation.
Economics of the undead: zombies, vampires and the dismal science.
They will tell you their subordinates act like zombies, and they do, because someone made them that way.
But it does nudge the zombie film in at least two different interesting directions.
The story takes place on a slave boat sailing from Africa to Charleston, and the main character is a slave trafficker whose slaves threaten him with coming back from death as zombies and kill him (which they actually do).
Enter Sarah Juliet Lauro's important new book, The Transatlantic Zombie, which offers the most thorough single "cultural history" of the zombie to date and an intelligent analytical statement about "zombie dialectics." Trained in the humanities and social thought, Lauro is at her best when writing about zombic representations in Anglophone fictional literature and film and in the conceptual, performance, and visual arts; her incisive social commentary on the zombie in general is also particularly valuable.