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Relating to living things; having life.
[G. zōikos, relating to an animal]
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Zoic has created effects for popular television shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, CSI, Fringe, V, True Blood and its Emmy-winning work on Firefly.
Besides its retail presence, ZOIC is used and sold at some of America's most prestigious health and wellness centers, including the Cleveland Clinic.
Marcus Elliott, chairman of the Sports Medicine Group at Harvard Medical School and a trainer of elite athletes, serves on Solis' board of directors and will help lead the research and development of enhancements to ZOIC and future Solis brands.
Forker; visual effects, Zoic Studios, invisible Effects, Talking Bird Pictures, DIVE; stunt coordinator, Mickey Giacomazzi; assistant director, Walter Gasparovic; second unit director, Dany Wold; second unit camera, Manuel Billeter; casting, Francine Maisler, Kathleen Driscoll-Mohler.
Tunnicliffe; visual effects" supervisor, Adam Stern; visual effects, Zoic Studios, Artifex Studios, Factory VFX; stunt coordinator, John Copeman; assistant director, Alisa Fredericks; second unit director, Todd J.
The show's visual effects will be done in Vancouver by Zoic, which worked on the series' first season.
Zoic Studios' Zeus (Zoic Environmental Unification System) was first used on ABC sci-fi show "V," says owner/visual effects supervisor Andrew Orloff.