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n. Slang
A pimple.
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A general term for a primarily pubertal condition characterised by local inflammation of the pilosebaceous unit of the face, upper back and shoulders coupled with keratinaceous plugging of the sebaceous glands at the base of hair follicles.
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Patient discussion about zit

Q. will it ever go??? I have acne on my face for several months, and although I went to see a dermatologist and treat it, I still have these ugly pimples and zits on my face. I feel really ugly and sometimes I don't want to go to school, and just want to stat at my room not let anyone see me. Will it ever go away? What should I do?

A. Acne usually abates and disappears with time, but the chances for that depends on the specific type and features of the disease. If you still suffer from lesions despite treatment, you should consult your dermatologist and seek further help.

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ZIT, which Tottori Bank Chairman Teruo Hachimura describes as a forum of carefree dialogue among members with no consideration of social status, was launched in April 1997 and now has 400 members.
Green paste contains drawing ingredients to dry out the offending zit
Take that miniscule zit no one but you notices or the fact that you're wearing the same jeans you had on yesterday.
Now you know not to pop a zit! It almost always makes the imperfection worse.
But she's not the only celeb who's stocking up on zit cream.
* WHAT'S A ZIT? Sometimes the opening of a sebaceous gland, or pore, plugs up with a lump of oil and dead skin cells-that's a zit.
I woke up with a HUGE ZIT today and have the winter formal tonight.
Pimple Popper: This is Zit' as a quick follow-up to the one-hour special.
Did it emanate from within, pushing up from the core, breaking the surface of the earth's skin like a tumor or a zit? It is surrounded by a fence, dividing and defining, marking the difference between wild and tame, known and unknown, safety and danger.
"We give them tools to help them realize their day isn't ruined because they find a zit on their nose or don't get the highest grade," she says.