zirconium oxide

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zir·co·ni·um ox·ide

(zir-kō'nē-ŭm oks'īd),
Used as a coating for the skin in dermatologic pharmaceuticals and as a pigment in paints.
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Incidentally, previous studies [7, 19, 24, 37, 39] have shown that the phase morphology of the as-deposited zirconium oxide films is monoclinic when deposited by magnetron sputtering at room temperature.
Zirconium oxide ceramics don't contain a specific group to bond to siliniziation agents.
Growing demand in various industrial and consumer applications such as cosmetics and optical fibers is expected to drive zirconium oxide market.
A combination of zirconium oxide nanoparticles, graphene and nanoporous carbon black was used in this research to increase the specific area of the electrode.
Mallia, "Hydration characteristics of zirconium oxide replaced Portland cement for use as a root-end filling material," Dental Materials, vol.
Mixed metal processing where individual work pieces or assemblies containing different metals can be processed with AQUUS TLT formulations which produce thin layer nano coatings of titanium or zirconium oxides which are produced at low temperatures and give excellent salt spray corrosion resistance in a one tank combined cleaning and processing operation.
Topics include SnAgCu solder and CuNi-Au OSP pads, conductivity analysis on a hetero-junction of multiple nano-structured layers, ceramic foam filters in a runner system design for castings, effects of binding on cavitation erosion resistance of TiA14V alloy, corrosion performance of polypyrole- coated type 304 stainless steel for bipolar plates of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell, a numerical simulation for the high temperature creep of a porous Cu alloy, investigation of lead-free glasses for post-fired and embedded thick film resistors, and resistance switching characteristics of zirconium oxide.
It is an epoxy resin-based sealer, AH Plus Paste A composed of bisphenol-A epoxy resin, bisphenol-F epoxy resin, calcium tungstate, zirconium oxide, silica, and iron oxide pigments and AH Plus Paste B composed of dibenzyldiamine, amino-adamantane, tricyclodecane-diamine, calcium tungstate, zirconium oxide, silica, and silicone oil.
proposed to use zirconium oxide that has no absorbance in mid-IR region as a new stationary phase for TLC/FTIR analysis [13,14].
AH Plus has calcium tungstate and zirconium oxide in its composition [28] and this association produces superior radiopacity [29].
Zirconium oxide can be prepared by sol-gel technique (Brinker and Scherer, 1990 [12]) using inorganic precursors like Zro[Cl.sub.2] or metal organic precursors like zirconium alkoxides [13].