zincum metallicum

zincum metallicum (zinˑ ·km m·talˑ ·li·kum),

n a homeopathic preparation of zinc, used to treat formication, lethargy, melancholia, muscle spasms, nervous exhaustion, trembling, varicosities, weakness, and general weariness.
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Zinc: Immunoglobin Relationship in Patients with Cirrhosis of the Liver Before and After treatment with Zincum metallicum 5C.
Malik was given the homeopathic medicine Zincum metallicum, at first and later Zincum iodatum, both from the mineral kingdom.
The use of Zincum metallicum 6C prior to ingesting elemental zinc has provided the solution to this problem.
However, taking homoeopathic preparations is undoubtedly your best approach and the remedy Zincum metallicum is the one of choice for your complaint.