zinc oxide eugenol cement

zinc ox·ide eu·ge·nol ce·ment

(ZOE) (zink oks'īd yū'jĕ-nol sĕ-ment')
A dental fixative made by mixing zinc oxide and eugenol commonly used to cement restorations in place temporarily.
Synonym(s): unmodified zinc oxide-eugenol cement.
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A plethora of restorative and endodontic materials have been suggested over the years for root-end filling such as amalgam, glass ionomer cement, zinc oxide eugenol cement, Gutta-percha, composite resin.
Their bonding to tooth structure, metallic and ceramic restorations is quite firm which reduces micro leakage.10,11 Newer materials are Glass ionomer cement, Zinc poly carboxy- late cement, modified Zinc Oxide Eugenol cement, Resin modified Glass Ionomer cement and composites.12,13,14
A comparison of sealing capabilities of amalgam, GIC and zinc oxide eugenol cement when used as retro grade filling materials (in vitro study).