zinc finger

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zinc fin·ger

a zinc-binding domain in a protein structure often seen in certain gene regulatory proteins, for example, transcription factors.
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A small tertiary protein structural motif of higher organisms, in which parts of a protein fold around a zinc molecule, acting as a hook to attach activator proteins to DNA; the ZF motif is present in many proteins that regulate expression of eukaryotic genes—e.g., proto-oncogenes, Wilms’ tumour gene, growth signal receptors
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zinc finger

a finger-like structure that is found in specific DNA binding PROTEINS, where the DNA binding DOMAIN of the protein complexes zinc. Zinc fingers are found in various eukaryotic TRANSCRIPTION factors, which have a role in controlling the transcription of specific GENES.
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The [C.sub.2][H.sub.2] zinc finger transcription factors are usually thought to be involved in plant development and have various adaptive responses to environmental stress [22].
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Zinc finger nucleases have revolutionized the field of genome editing by demonstrating the ability to manipulate genomic sites of interest and opened the gates for both basic and applied research.
The DNA-binding domain of the prokaryotic [Cys.sub.2][His.sub.2] zinc finger protein Ros (Ros87) folds in a domain that is structurally different and significantly larger than its eukaryotic counterpart.
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The zinc finger (ZNF) protein family is known to exist in almost all eukaryotes, and constitutes a major subset of eukaryotic transcription factors (Seetharam and Stuart et al., 2013).
When taken together, two DNA Markers--methylation of the vav guanine nucleotide exchange factor 3 (VAV3) and zinc finger protein 682 (ZNF682) genes--were 100% specific and 100% sensitive for Barrett's esophagus, with an AUC of 1.0.
Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) approach was used to study the effect of GA-mediated seed priming on the expression of two stress responsive genes, OsZat 12-1 (LOC_Os01g62130 also called ZOS1-14 - C2H2 zinc finger protein) and OsZat 12-9 (LOC_Os01g62190 also called ZOS1-15 - C2H2 zinc finger protein).

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