zero population growth

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The birth rate at which there is no net increase in population—a goal of some birth control programs—and the number of births equals the number of deaths
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zero population growth



The demographic equilibrium in which in a given period of time the population neither increases nor decreases, that is, the death and birth rates are equal.
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zero population growth (ZPG)

a state in a population in which births equal deaths, so that overall numbers remain in a steady state. ZPG (or even negative growth) has been achieved in many Western countries where the family size is low but has, so far, proved an impossible target for most Third World countries, the state being achieved only where there is widespread use of contraceptives (see BIRTH CONTROL, DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITION)
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In 1978, Tanton broke with Zero Population Growth to pursue his interest in the connection between population and immigration, and set out for Washington to found the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) - the most visible group in his network.
Noting the incidence of female infanticide carried out by mothers themselves, he argues that this custom is a part of auto-regulative mechanisms which caused the Eipo to have a zero population growth over time and thus enabled them to stay within the carrying capacity of their territory.
Zero Population Growth 1400 16th Street NW Washington, D.C.
Recently much interest has been focused on the topic of stress and two organizations, Zero Population Growth and the publishers of Psychology Today, have attempted to pinpoint which cities we can live in to lead the least "stressed-out" lives.
But it was only after calculating how living standards for all its people would suffer under even a "zero population growth," two-child policy that China decided it had no other choice.
By the early 1990s, Thailand's birthrate had fallen below 2.1, the population replacement level or zero population growth. One of the reasons for this precipitous decline in the fertile rate was the aggressive family planning promotion campaign by the Population and Community Development Association (PDA), which was founded by former Minister of Public Health Mechai Viravaidya in 1974.
"All have been below zero population growth (2.1 children per woman) for decades." In England and the United States, population increases are the result of immigration of Third World people who do not share the developed world's enthusiasm for zero population growth.
Since 1970, the fertility rate of French women has been below the 2.1 children needed to sustain France's population, what demographers call zero population growth. For the next four decades until 2050, the fertility level of French women is projected to remain roughly 15 percent below ZPG.
John Seager is the president of the Washington-based Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth), which has consistently taken the position that stopping teen pregnancy and increasing family planning aid around the world is the best way to address the growing challenge of our over-populated planet.
Once known as Zero Population Growth, Population Connection is sponsoring a meeting in Eugene today as part of a national outreach effort that targets Eugene and 11 other communities with progressive reputations.
In the context of low fertility, migration continuing around the recent average level leads to a 'soft landing' at zero population growth in about 30 years time, a pathway that the former Minister, Phillip Ruddock, described as 'not a figure that I believe would be alarming to most Australians'.
Zero population growth did not eventuate; indeed, Australia's population has nearly doubled in that time.