zero balance

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an instrument for weighing.
equilibrium (def. 1).
acid-base balance see acid-base balance.
analytical balance a balance used in the laboratory, sensitive to variations of the order of 0.05 to 0.1 mg.
fluid balance see fluid balance.
negative balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is greater than that ingested.
nitrogen balance see nitrogen balance.
positive balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is less than that ingested.
water balance fluid balance.
zero balance a state in which the amount of water or an electrolyte excreted from the body is exactly equal to that ingested; see equilibrium (def. 1).
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Revint Solutions provides a broad suite of revenue integrity products including transfer DRG, outpatient revenue recovery, IME/shadow claim review, DRG validation and payer search along with additional capabilities in zero balance underpayment recovery for both acute and ambulatory healthcare providers.
"It is just the big numbers to mislead people...These were zero balance accounts which were inviting criticism because he (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) was talking of financial inclusion, which was not a correct claim," said senior Congress leader Anand Sharma.
According to figures provided by the finance ministry in response to an Right to Information ( RTI) query, out of 7.1 crore bank accounts opened, 5.3 crore had zero balance as on November 7.
The black bubble labeled number 1 represents those who had zero balance in all three periods.
33% of card holders had a zero balance, 42% had a balance of USD 500 or less, and just 24% had a balance of more than USD 500.
Their zero balance will probably remain until the end of the campaign.
Orange Armenia completed the year 2012 with a zero balance of operating revenues and expenditures and is going to
"Zero Balance" is the follow up to Ashley Fontainne's previous book, 'Accountable to None', following the pursuit of justice of Olin Kemper, of the people he had hurt and the people who are pushing to end him.
At present, Iran and Armenia use two high-voltage lines for seasonal swap with zero balance.
Laconia Savings is a full-service commercial bank offering loans, deposits, lock box service, remote deposit capture, leasing and merchant card services as well as a suite of cash management products to include positive pay, account reconciliation, ACH, online banking and bill pay and zero balance accounts.
Be wary of having too many cards with a zero balance or you could end up being declined future credit as lenders will take into account the combined credit limit you already have at your disposal.
Speaking at a Broadcasting Press Guild lunch , Bennett said the BBC was still aiming for a "zero balance sheet" by 2018, despite the Government freezing the licence fee at pounds 145.50.