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In psychology, the climate of opinion, conventions of thought, covert influences, and unquestioned assumptions that are implicit in a given culture, the arts, or sciences at any point in time, and in which a person operates and thus is influenced.
[Ger. zeit, time, + geist, spirit]


Etymology: Ger
literally, the spirit of the time, a climate of opinion, a convention of thought, or implicit assumptions.


psychology The climate of opinion, conventions of thought, covert influences, and unquestioned assumptions that are implicit in a given culture, the arts, or science at any time, and in which the individual person operates and thus is influenced.
[Ger. Zeit, time, + Geist, spirit]


(tsīt′gīst″) [Ger. Zeitgeist, spirit of the time]
The spirit of the people, or trend of thought at a particular time.
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Stack scrutinized each clip carefully, adding just the right amount of contrast and color saturation enhancing the images, while keeping the viewers focused on the subject at hand giving Zeitgeist a consistent look overall.
But Zeitgeist has no easy task if he is to add to that record, with Northumberland Plate winner Sergeant Cecil, Irish Listed winner Orpington and John Smith's Cup runner-up Crow Wood among his 19 rivals.
For additional information on the Zeitgeist Media Festival, see http://zeitgeistmediafestival.
Spokesman Damian Walker said: ``A low draw is usually a big advantage in the Ebor, and with Luca Cumani's great record in the race Zeitgeist is sure to prove popular with punters on the day.
These labyrinths are markedly quest free; we see instead a snapshot of the contemporary zeitgeist, in which Michael Snow's (absent) structuralist cinema and long zooms are reborn in Rodney Graham's luminous How I Became a Ramblin" Man, 1999, in which a lonesome cowboy, straight out of the Richard Prince of the '80S, rides into the sunset and seamlessly back again in a continuous loop.
Set up in Potsdamer Platz near the Berlin Wall on Mayday 1980, two circus tents, one large and one small, hosted a lively assortment of performances and exhibitions that flourished in the city's preunification Bohemian zeitgeist.
com)-- On Saturday September 11, members of The Illinois Chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement will be having an open house event at Columbia College Chicago, open to the community in remembrance of the tragic events of 9/11/2001, and to further educate about The Zeitgeist Movement (www.
McEvoy, who has enjoyed great success as Godolphin's temporary number one jockey during Frankie Dettori's absence, will on this occasion be replacing the suspended Nicky Mackay, who partnered Zeitgeist to a dashing victory in last month's Old Newton Cup.
Studying at the Warburg Institute, Rowe was influenced by Wittkower and especially by Gombrich from whom he derived his hostility to the Zeitgeist interpretations and historical determinism of critics such as Pevsner.