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An Ebstein-Barr virus gene which must be activated for EBV to replicate, thus acting as a switch between latency and replication. The gene is termed ZEBRA as it is localised on the EBV Bam HI Z fragment that corresponds to the EBV Replication Activator; the protein product of ZEBRA is a transcriptional transactivator

(2) Zebra

A popular ‘short form’ of the aphorism often quoted to medical students during clinical rotations—‘when you hear hoofbeats, don’t think of zebras.’ This variation of ‘Sutton’s law’ is designed to teach students a logical approach to a diagnosis, since common things occur commonly and when one hears hoofbeats, one should first think of horses and exclude them in the differential diagnosis before thinking of the unusual causes—the zebras—of a particular clinical finding.
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Medtalk A popular 'short form' of the aphorism often quoted to medical students during clinical rotations–'when you hear hoofbeats, don't think of zebras'. See Sutton's law. Cf 'Red herring. '.
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Table 1: Hardness of different plant leaves Plant (leaf) frontispiece frontispiece species convex convex depth intensity depth intensity (nm) (GPa) (nm) (GPa) Ginkgobiloba Linn 152.1 0.07 159.2 0.05 Calathea 215.4 0.015 218.8 0.01 zebrine 'Humilior' Nelumbo nucifera 157.2 0.04 151.8 0.03 aertn Canna indica Linn 215 0.02 213.2 0.02 (generalis) Bambusa 94.5 0.160 92.6 0.150 phyllostachys pubescens Begonia masoniana -- -- -- -- Callistephus -- -- -- -- chinensis Syringa oblate 145.8 0.135 140.4 0.
None of the jaws from Slaton shows the zebrine condition but six jaws from Cedazo (13 percent) belong to zebras (Fig.