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An experimental organism—Brachydanio rerio—which has proven useful for studying vertebrate development, via the strategy of saturation mutagenesis; zebrafish have transparent embryos, short generation time—3 months—and prolific egg production
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Transgenic and wildtype zebra danios from two pet stores in northern Texas were held in the laboratory at 20 (3 in well-aerated 76-L glass aquaria containing dechlorinated tap water under a LD 12:12 photoperiod for at least 10 d.
In contrast, both wildtype and red-transgenic zebra danios did not survive the winter in 10,000 L microcosms exposed to the northern Texas weather.
Zebra danios introduced into those rivers may have been able to survive because those temperatures are higher than laboratory-determined chronic lethal minima temperatures (Cortemeglia and Beitinger, 2006).
In the laboratory, zebra danios were observed to readily consume mosquito larvae.
In summary, this controlled field study supports our hypothesis that both transgenic and wildtype zebra danios would be excluded from U.S.
Temperature tolerance and predation susceptibility of transgenic and wildtype zebra danios, Danio rerio.