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An Ebstein-Barr virus gene which must be activated for EBV to replicate, thus acting as a switch between latency and replication. The gene is termed ZEBRA as it is localised on the EBV Bam HI Z fragment that corresponds to the EBV Replication Activator; the protein product of ZEBRA is a transcriptional transactivator

(2) Zebra

A popular ‘short form’ of the aphorism often quoted to medical students during clinical rotations—‘when you hear hoofbeats, don’t think of zebras.’ This variation of ‘Sutton’s law’ is designed to teach students a logical approach to a diagnosis, since common things occur commonly and when one hears hoofbeats, one should first think of horses and exclude them in the differential diagnosis before thinking of the unusual causes—the zebras—of a particular clinical finding.


Medtalk A popular 'short form' of the aphorism often quoted to medical students during clinical rotations–'when you hear hoofbeats, don't think of zebras'. See Sutton's law. Cf 'Red herring. '.


ass-like animals with a distinctive black and white striped coat, large ears, tufted tail and stiff mane. Called also Equus burchelli (common zebra), E. zebra (mountain zebra), E. grevyi (Grevy's zebra) and some recognized subspecies.

zebra diagnosis
arriving at an unlikely diagnosis instead of a more common one.
zebra marks
faint striping in coats of horses, usually on the legs, also the neck and withers.
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Researchers have previously suggested that the quagga was a subgroup of plains zebras and not its own separate zebra species, and the new genetic analysis offers more evidence for that idea.
Zebra has a global presence that consists of approximately 7,000 employees in more than 122 offices across 81 countries as well as an extended partner ecosystem in more than 100 countries.
Our Enterprise business is an ideal fit for Zebra," said Greg Brown, Motorola Solutions chairman and CEO.
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ON DAY FIVE of our hunt, Pieter took me to Marula, a blind where he felt I would likely see a zebra.
Particular concern surrounds the dramatic decline of native unionid species observed following zebra mussel invasion.
Most notably in Kalama, where livestock competition had driven most wildlife from the area only four years prior, an active, reproductively healthy herd of Grevy's zebra was found inhabiting the livestock-free conservancy area, where the community had added a permanent water source to attract wildlife.
Either it's got to be toxic to zebra mussels and innocuous to other organisms, or you need to remove it or inactivate it" before it enters the environment, says Charles R.
Zebra Technologies introduced several new counterfeit-resistant cards and protective laminates, along with specialty cards in its expanded line of TrueColours card printer supplies.
Long ago the zebra had horns but the gemsbok had none.
I was interested to discover that 12 zebra have already gone to Angola.
That may make it harder for a predator to pick out any one zebra to attack.