yuppie flu

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yuppie flu

n. Often Offensive
Chronic fatigue syndrome.
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Q. I think i might have chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. how can i tell the difference? So far, the doctors have not been able to diagnose anything and have basically been putting me on random medications just to relieve the symptoms. Symptoms I have: Fatigue (sleeping thirteen hours +) exhaustion pain in my knees, ankles, and weirdly my elbows. Headaches, congestion. I’ve been really nauseous occasionally and ended up having to go to the ER because of it.

A. Here is a site that might help you. You can type in the symptoms one at a time and it’ll give you optional illnesses that correlates with the symptoms:

Q. What can cause chronic fatigue? For the last few weeks I’ve been having this strange fatigue, I sleep 12-14 hours at night (I used to sleep 6-7 hours), and I’m tired all day long. It really bothers me. What can is be?

A. Wow, there are so many…to give you a taste- here is a list. I guess some of them you can rule out pretty easily through checking your habits and other symptoms (if you have any):

Q. How do you know when your tiredness is a chronic health symptom? Sometimes I'm just overwhelmingly tired and need to lay down for awhile. Then I feel better but then I haven't accomplished a lot. At least after I rest I am able to do things again. What is Chronic Fatigue all about?

A. Wow! Good question!
I tell you what- here is a very good site I use all the time. You enter a symptom and it gives you all the illnesses that have the symptom. Then you enter another symptom you have and it narrows the list.
I already entered fatigue for you:

and here is a site about chronic fatigue syndrome that you can look for differences:

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"Characterised as 'yuppie flu', and misunderstood by doctors and politicians alike, it receives little funding, and treatment is often damaging."
The Welshman, who has been battling 'yuppie flu' all year which curtailed his golfing season, turns 50 on March 2 - just two days before the traditional Seniors Tour curtain raiser at the spectacular Royal Westmoreland course.
The topics covered in the various chapters are the placebo effect (leave the body alone and it may heal itself), bogus doctors (how they get caught), tonsils (diagnosing and dealing with uncertainty), alternative medicine (vitamin C and cancer), contested diseases (yuppie flu), defying death (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), AIDS activists, and vaccination (parents rights).
Butin1988hewas stricken with ME, the little-known condition then still dubbed 'yuppie flu'.
He claimed he could not work because he had chronic fatigue syndrome also known as yuppie flu.
And ME - which was once labelled 'yuppie flu' because it more commonly afflicts high-flying, fast-paced professionals - has been officially recognised.
ME - myalgic encephalopathy - was dubbed yuppie flu in the 80s but that was a cruel disservice to Adam and 20,000 other sufferers in Scotland, 500 of them children.
Campaigners, north and south, have been calling for better services and greater understanding of the sickness once dismissed as "the yuppie flu".
CFS was once stereotyped as a new "yuppie flu" because those who sought help for and caused scientific interest in CFS in the early 1980s were mainly well-educated, well-off women in their thirties and forties.
In the mid 1980s, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was sometimes referred to as "Yuppie Flu," which often manifested after a metabolic stress from trauma or an infection like the flu.