endocervical sinus tumor

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en·do·cer·vi·cal si·nus tu·mor

malignant germ cell tumor commonly found in the ovary. The tumor arises from primordial germ cells and develops into extra-embryonic tissue resembling the yolk sac.
Synonym(s): yolk sac carcinoma
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And in the ones with original liver HAC metastasis, other cancerous changes such as original HCC, hepatoblastoma, and germ cell tumors (especially yolk sac carcinoma), in addition the rare case of papillary or tubular gastric carcinoma type with higher serum AFP, should be ruled out [6].
The first patients in the registry include 17 survivors of lymphoma, 8 survivors of sarcoma, 5 survivors of Wilm's tumor, 4 survivors of neuroblastoma, and 1 survivor each of hepatoblastoma, ovarian germ cell tumor, yolk sac carcinoma, and Triton tumor.