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the elevation by a Nath Yogi of an untested prince to the royal throne, and the subsequent royal land grants that founded and have since maintained the math.
The great bulk of these chapters being devoted to the foundation, history, and current patronage and management styles of Fatehpur and Asthal Bohar, the reader is left to wonder why the Gorakhpur monastery--whose current mahant, Yogi Adityanath, is also the highly controversial right-wing Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh--receives such scant attention.
Malaika who has recently ventured into the yoga business through launching her own yoga studio in India, will join runway model-turned international yoga guru, Yogi Cameron in co-leading the festival's opening session for 1000 yogis, 16 March at 8am.
"Fitness and yoga have long been a passion of mine and I'm thrilled to be able to represent the Reebok brand and share this experience with thousands of yogis in Dubai at XYoga Dubai,"said Malaika Arora.
In 2004, Yogi Bhajan died after devising a succession plan that split control of the community's religious life and its business life - including Golden Temple, now a lucrative international producer of natural cereals and tea based in Eugene.
Compounding the woes of the community - and its businesses - are legal claims by the yogi's widow that have delayed the settling of the yogi's estate and that threaten Golden Temple's continued use of the "Yogi" brand.
Sinister Yogis is at its best when it collapses distinctions between high and low, between "philosophical" and "popular" yogas.
David Gordon White's Sinister Yogis is brilliant, digressive, non-linear, and likely to be criticized by readers who find fault with specific interpretive and translational choices that he makes.
Throughout the festival area, yogis can also take advantage of entertainment, activations and healthy food and beverage options from local and international yoga-related brands.
The line-up of instructors includes Yogi Cameron, a runway model-turned-yogi, who will co-lead the festival's opening session with 99-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch; Teresa Kay Aba-Kennedy, an executive trainer; Candace Cabrera Moore, healthy living blogger; Anjasmara, Indonesian TV-star turned yogi; Daniel Morgan; and Sjha'ra Taylor who deliver her signature Chocolate Yogaclass,
"You see the issue of Yogi Adityanath expressing his view is not an isolated view.
Yogi Adityanath, who was addressing a 'Ram Katha' programme in Basti, Uttar Pradesh, said Dalits were specifically chosen for conversion and that Hindus should not glorify Christianity.