yogic flying

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yogic flying (yōˑ·gik flīˑ·ing),

n a meditation practice in which the practitioner's body lifts off the ground and hops forward and the practitioner experiences exhilaration and bliss. This technique increases coherent brain function and is an aspect of the TM—Sidhi program. See also TM—Sidhi program.
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Maharishi is confident that yogic flying at 3,000 locations will produce world peace.
He said: "If we have 1,000 people practising yogic flying morning and night, the crime rate in Coventry would go down.
She believes yogic flying allows a person to achieve so much peace that they can use the subtlest levels of their mind to actually float above the ground.
Well, the Dalai Lama with his yogic flying could make the cocktails.
The initial hurdle is deciding just exactly what kind of renovations you want: a two-holer for the guest bathroom, a new high-ceilinged studio for yogic flying, or something even more ambitious.
If such a cosmic synthesis sounds suspiciously like the idealism of the 1960s and especially the ruminations of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, this is no accident: The maharishi's ruminations are precisely the fuel that fires this movement, including the yogic flying and, especially, transcendental meditation and all it entails.
As his honeyed words dripped like melon dew, my wife clattered on in the kitchen over a pan of steaming spaghetti - the lovely turquoise of her eyes intensified by the concentration that only minutes earlier she had been devoting to her energetic, though not entirely successful, forays into the uncharted realms of yogic flying.
The Maharishi set up universities and schools all over the world and his Natural Law Party - which promotes yogic flying, a practice that involves sitting in the lotus position and bouncing into the air - has campaigned in dozens of countries.
Harry Kewell appears to have joined a Natural Law sect,as he displayed some impressive Yogic Flying to win that penalty at Huish Park on Sunday.
Sceptics, however, say yogic flying is accomplished through muscular action alone.
uk) They should have given us some fancy flash of yogic flying, but take themselves far too seriously for that.
Yogic flying - a form of transcendental meditation - is the way to peace in Ireland, according to a new political group.