yellow rain

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A fungal toxin—trichothecene T-2—produced by the mold Fusarium, which had some currency as a biological weapon
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yel·low rain

(yel'ō rān)
A smoke, mist, or powder of various colors reported in Southeast Asia during the Vietman War and variously alleged to contain T-2 mycotoxin or to consist only of bee pollen excrement.
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The Met Office issued a yellow rain warning and said there is a chance of flooding in some areas.
Introduction: On September 24, 2012 the highly-acclaimed public radio program Radiolab released a podcast entitled "The Fact of the Matter." One of its segments, "Yellow Rain," discussed a mysterious substance considered by many to be a Soviet-made chemical agent which sickened or even killed people in Laos, Cambodia and Afghanistan in the 1970s and '80s.
For a similarly sunny look, pair Topshop's yellow rain coat, PS55, with this cute floral skirt, now PS4.99 (
"I have the feeling I played three matches against him," a grinning Djokovic told the crowd after donning a yellow rain hat during his victory speech.
Following pages show "Windy" in shades of brown for fall or early spring, "Rainy" is matched in shades of yellow rain gear, "Sunny" is paired with green T-shirt, hat, shorts, sunglasses, and sneakers with a jump rope, "Snowy" is paired with outdoor winter clothing in shades of blue against a white snowy background, and finally, "Stormy" is paired with items in shades of purple, pajamas, sweater, blanket, book, slippers, book and puzzle.
The marchers, many in yellow shirts, yellow jackets or yellow rain ponchos, were of every age, from babes in strollers to gray-haired activists.
It had, surprise surprise, been a dull, drizzly day, but, as you would expect from Yorkshire's garden racecourse, there were splashes of colour everywhere, not least from Ripon resident Phillipa Hard in her bright yellow rain mac.
"Our campsite is marked with a big X." Dad grabs the map while Mom gathers the Yellow rain slickers even though there's no rain in the forecast.
Carsen's bonus number saw the entire cast back on stage wearing yellow rain coats and twirling umbrellas as they gleefully splashed in puddles; in the end, they brought the house down in torrents of applause.
Francis joined them in solidarity, even donning the same yellow rain poncho over his vestments that Mass-goers were given to protect them from the storm.
I am also not talking about the yellow rain of pollen that is slowly crushing the insides of my head with allergens.
The money Laura had made, the yellow rain, the rust of the chain on the door, weighed her down.