Yellow Metal

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A metal—e.g., copper, gold, magnesium, nickel, platinum, or zinc—which, per the pseudoscience of colour therapy, allegedly stimulates the immune system and cleanses the skin and intestine
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In the past six months, the yellow metal has gained 10.
He sees the yellow metal hitting $1400 per ounce by the end of year with no major down moves unless the Fed raises interest rates.
Apart from this, Greece debt crisis, which was a cushion for gold prices for some time, has been resolved, thereby severely hurting the safe haven appeal of the yellow metal.
A sturdy greenback makes the dollar-denominated yellow metal more expensive for holders of other currencies, reducing its appeal as a hedge.
And with India imposing import restrictions on gold most of the yellow metal smuggled from China into Nepal is getting routed southwards to cater to the insatiable demand of Indians.
The Akshaya Tritiya festival is one of the two most auspicious days of the year to buy the yellow metal in the world's largest gold market, as Hindus believe they can get lasting prosperity by buying precious metals on the day.
He added that correction of gold price is inevitable, especially the price has surpassed its fair value in light of prevailing economic situation in the world which is estimated at $1,000 an ounce, which reflects the true value of the yellow metal.
I sell the badges made of yellow metal painted with color enamels.
BNA)-- Fancy for gold is improving with the price for the yellow metal climbing down, traders in Manama's Gold City told the Bahrain News Agency (BNA).
Is the yellow metal losing steam or gathering momentum?
However, if we were to consider the leading competitors in the fiscal Olympics, would the shiny yellow metal really take home the gold medal?
Summary: The Gold to go machine offers tourists and locals the ideal souvenir from Dubai, which is widely known for its abundance of the precious, yellow metal.