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A Fijian drink made from the powdered root of Piper methysticum (family Piperaceae); excessive drinking of it causes a state of hyperexcitability and a loss of power in the legs; chronic intoxication induces roughening of the skin and a state of debility.
See also: methysticum.
Synonym(s): kava (2) , kava kava, yanggona
[Fijian name]
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The usually teetotal duke, whose preferred drink is mineral water, had by now downed numerous cups of yaqona during ceremonies on his eight-day tour.
In the Fijian yaqona ceremony the servant sits at one point in the circle while the chief sits at the opposite point.
PHAMA, the Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access, an Australian and New Zealand government funded program is now helping the Ministry and industry in the development of the Fiji Yaqona (Kava) Quality Manual.
Here, Toren shows how relations of equality are transformed into relations of rank, age, and/or gender hierarchies in specific contexts in a Fijian village, through the culturally informed orderings of various social spaces, including homes, yaqona drinking, and Methodist worship.
They come to us to seek our permission with a traditional offer of yaqona [kava].
This stay in Serea began with my installation at the sacred top of the yaqona ceremony in the chief's house (Abramson 1993).
The Christian God as a transcendent source of mana and ritual practices (as, for example, drinking kava or, yaqona, in a formal setup) point up two other possible ways of providing structural contexts for intellectually and experientially connecting Fijian spirituality with Christianity.
first bowl of yaqona was passed to Chaudhry and Chaudhry drank it,
country, whose image in yaqona ritual is that of 'the house'
in the early '80s, two war clubs were fighting inside, you know, like ding-donging themselves on the head and a yaqona bowl (2) was moving and a cup that the chiefly priests used before and, you know, sounds, like you hear footsteps, doors opening and closing .
In fact, the Sunday service is not finished until the end of a yaqona drinking ceremony in the chief's house, where the same dualist incarnation of divinity presides, but where the chief takes over the leading role from the cleric.
Large plantations also of yaqona were also interspersed along the flat, and the cultivated land looked very attractive and interesting, there being beds of food in all stages, and from the amount of food met with all over the mountains, one could gain an idea of the large population required to cultivate it all.