yang style

yang style,

n slowly executed version of tai chi characterized by its large movements.
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The class teaches the old traditional Yang Style form and is held every Wednesday evening at Fearon Hall Loughborough There are a number of instructors teaching at the class every week and beginners are welcome to join anytime.
Master Kevin Guan Junkang is the winner of the Silver Medal in Yang style Tai Chi and Bronze medal in 32-styles Tai Chi Sword, in the 11th Handan International Tai Chi Competition in China.
Hosted by traditional Yang style Tai Chi instructor Pat Akers, Tai Chi for Body and Mind Fitness is a DVD designed for both beginner and advanced students of the art.
Henry Zhuang; THE MIND INSIDE YANG STYLE TAI CHI; YMAA Publication Center (Nonfiction: Sports & Recreation) 18.
Tai Chi Fa Jin presents Fa Jin, an advanced Yang style of Tai Chi, and is a pick for any martial arts collection.
Yang style involves constantly flexed knees, a wide stance width, and slow steady movement, which is particularly beneficial for strengthening leg muscles.
The Arthritis Foundation promotes a tai chi practice based on the Sun style that differs in some respects from the Yang style used in the study, she noted.
Participants were randomly selected to attend hour-long classes twice a week for 12 weeks to learn and practice 10 modified forms of classical Yang style tai chi or to receive wellness education and engage in stretching in a control group.
Tai Chi has given me the ability to be clearer in the movement choices I make," says choreographer David Appel, who began training in Tai Chi in the Yang Style in 1977.
The Yang style - the most practised school - is made up of two sub-styles, the long form and the short form, and was developed in the 1800s by Yang Lu Chan.
She also runs Exercise on Prescription classes at Billingham Forum, leads sessions at numerous medical seminars, and has been teaching traditional Yang Style Tai Chi at the Stockton Sports Centre for ten years.