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yama (yäˑ·m),

n personal restraints and social ethics, one of the eight limbs or paths of Patanjali yoga aimed at self-realization and self-knowledge. See also niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and Samadhi.
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Twee publikaties worden geanalyseerd, de eerste heet Mundu yama sinta mira.
Ella se apropia del don de la palabra y el ascetismo y su sacrificio son suficientes para la lucha verbal con Yama, el mas temido de los mortales por ser el dios de los muertos y el juez absoluto de las acciones humanas.
The sato yama mitigated the effects of this process.
Sonuc olarak, kontakt dermatitli hastalarda ayrintili oyku alinmasi (meslegi dahil), kullanilan maddelerin ogrenilmesi ve bunlarla yama testlerinin yapilmasi tanida onemlidir.
While not averse to such an association, Yama has a change of heart and refuses to indulge in such play.
Shabibi followed two weeks later, with Yama (14), Parissa (10) and Sulaiman (four months).
Fong Debi Parker Deputy Consul Michael Yama Wei Wu Jo Chim Johnny Jay Wang
They include: A junior ballet group performing ``Braveheart;'' a ballet solo performance by Christian Denice for ``Romeo;'' a solo tap number performed by Kylie Nelson for ``Boogie Woogie;'' two group tap numbers, to ``Bluestime'' and ``Baby Come Back;'' a tap trio performing ``Yama, Yama Pretty Mama.
His best-known novel, Yama (1909-15; Yama: The Pit), dwells with enthusiasm on the minutiae of the everyday life of prostitutes, their housekeeping, economics, and social stratification.
Mohammad Asif Rahimi- Governor of Herat in the presence of Yama Shams, Chief Executive Director of Afghanistan Railway.
Lateks alerjisini saptamak amaciyla tum olgulara lateks ile prik test, lastik kimyasallari ve lateks eldiven parcasi ile yama testi uygulandi.