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yabby, yabbie

Australian term for Cherax destructor (freshwater crayfish).
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HOW TO FISH: Work the Yabbie with a slow stop-and-go retrieve, or with erratic jigging sequences that get the lure darting in all directions.
Then back for a distracting bit of vaudeville entertainment and some skylarking with Cookie and Bob in their quest for the yabbies, before a return to the central drama of Tracey and Meg.
Date Species Organism 10/6/90 Southern Water Skink Yabbie burrow Eulamprus t.
Another piece of information to consider is the fact that not far up Yabbie Creek there are sewerage outlets which may cause the faecal coliform counts to be high.
She had to withstand mealworms, yabbies, slime, green ants and cockroaches - and screamed: "They're all going up my pants.
Chef John Burton Race had the final say and reprieved the yabbie, saying: "To try to kill that and share it between 11 people is criminal.
NIPPY: Unlucky Fran tries to survive the first of the Bushtucker Trials, but is forced to give up after a bite from a yabbie, left; LATE: Bereaved Brian treks in to join the rest of the campers; UNHAPPY CAMPERS: Janet during one of her tirades and Natalie breaking down in tears
The changes will make the regulation of rock lobster and abalone fishers in Victoria consistent with other states, and similar to the regulation of the handling of other live seafood such as finfish and yabbies, reducing unnecessary red tape without affecting food safety outcomes or compromising market access.
Biting green ants were put into one arm, soldier crabs in the other arm, while around her right foot they poured cockroaches and around her left it was yabbies and mud crabs.
The former footballer had 10 minutes to go through underwater chambers and tunnels, joined by crocodiles, snakes, crabs, eels and yabbies, as he collected stars.