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Aminodimethylbenzene; used as a reagent and in the manufacture of dyes.
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(A) Submitted to the bromophenol blue technique; (B) Staining with xylidine ponceau; (C) Submitted to the PAS the technique; (D) Submitted to the von Kossa method (Calcium in brown color).
N-sulfonated derivatives of 2,3-xylidine were obtained in good yields by reaction of 2,3- xylidine with different sulfonyl chlorides in alkaline media.
Ameta, "Photocatalytic reactions of xylidine ponceau on semiconducting zinc oxide powder," Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, vol.
Even though, xylidine was reported to be the best inducer of laccase activity for Trametes versicolor (Rodri'guez Couto et al., 2002; Revankar and Lele, 2006a, b; Saraiva et al., 2012), our results showed no laccase induction by this substance (xylidine).
Effect of the inducers veratryl alcohol, xylidine and ligninosulphonates on activity and thermal stability and inactivation kinetics of laccase from Trametes versicolor.
A steady-state mathematical model that takes into account the mass transfer between phases, the reaction between ozone and xylidine, xylidine vaporization, the enhancement of the mass transfer due to the reaction between ozone and xylidine, and the stoichiometric ratio of the consumed ozone to the reacted xylidine was developed for the wetted-wall reactor.