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A sedative/hypnotic/anesthetic widely used in veterinary medicine and in laboratory animals.


an analgesic and sedative which has become very popular for the immobilization of adult ruminants and is also registered for use in dogs, cats, horses, deer and elk. Often used in combination with ketamine. Care is needed with its use in cattle because of the very low dose required in that species. Xylazine also causes a marked increase in plasma growth hormone levels. Called also Rompun.

xylazine stimulation test
used in the diagnosis of abnormalities of pituitary function, e.g. pituitary dwarfism, and specifically deficiency of growth hormone. Plasma levels of growth hormone are measured before and after the intravenous administration of xylazine. In normal dogs, there is a marked increase but hypopituitary dogs fail to respond.
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The H1 values were lower than those at H0, which was probably due to dysregulation of the thermoregulatory center, and the muscle relaxant effects of xylazine associated with potentiation by ketamine (LIMA
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For experiments with small animals, it is commonly used a mixture of ketamine and xylazine as anesthetics.
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I used a carefully calibrated mixture of xylazine and ketamine to tranquilize the 200 kilo animal and then secured the animal so it would not move inside the helicopter.