xixin (shē·shēn),

n Latin name:
Asarum heterotropoides; part used: whole plant; uses: pain, coughing, sedation, common cold, headache; precautions: unknown.
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Xixin Wu et al [10] proposed automatic speech clustering method based on an extended version of the kmeans clustering called as x-means clustering.
Hong-en Church, Xixin Church, Ling'en Church, and Shiwan Jesus Church in Pudong New District co-work with the Residential Unit and Town in activities aiding students.
Wang Xixin, a law professor at Beijing University School of Law, commented that "[i]f Shanghai Panda's crime is confirmed, the quality supervision bureaus, both local and national, violated the law.
Botanical origin of commercial samples of traditional Chinese drug xixin (Herba Aasari).
See also FAIRBANK & GOLDMAN, supra note 24, at 424 (observing that the new Administrative Procedure Law gives "ordinary people the right to bring suit against rapacious, arbitrary officials"); Xixin Wang, Administrative Procedure Reforms in China's Rule of Law Context, 12 COLUM.