Denotes that which causes dry mouth.
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From the perspective of oral rehabilitation, xerogenic medications in elderly denture-wearing individuals can hamper the retention of prosthesis.
There was no statistically significant difference in the proportion of users of steroids, xerogenic medication, and hydroxychloroquine between pSS and sSS groups.
Xerostomia, xerogenic medications and food avoidances in selected geriatric groups.
The majority of cases belong to four groups [19]: young women with eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia nervosa, teenage males with increased consumption of soft drinks, middle-aged men due to GERD, and the elderly population as a result of xerogenic medications.
(51) Only 27.5% of FMS subjects who experienced xerostomia were taking xerogenic medications, therefore research suggests a high prevalence of xerostomia in this patient population even when controlling for xerostomia-inducing medications.
Patients in hepatic encephalopathy patients taking antidepressants or other xerogenic drugs unconscious patients and infants were excluded from the study.
Frequency and percentages were calculated for variables such as gender age number of patients in different hospitals use of xerogenic drugs and objective and subjective evaluation of xerostomia.
Thus, salivary gland hypofunction and xerostomia in elderly people are most often a symptom of systemic disease or xerogenic medication, not of ageing per se [6, 7, 20].
Studies were reviewed for data relevant to a connection between xerogenic medications used to treat symptoms of ADHD and the risk of dental caries.
Proper investigation of any relationship of xerogenic drugs and dental caries among ADHD children would require using medication and saliva production as variables.
Current thought on the caries risk of children medicated for ADHD is due to the reported xerogenic effect of these medications.