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a chemical element, atomic number 54, atomic weight 131.30, symbol Xe. (See Appendix 6.) The radioactive isotope 133Xe is used in assessment of pulmonary function, lung imaging, and cerebral blood flow studies.
xenon-133 a radioisotope of xenon having a half-life of 5.3 days and a principal gamma ray photon energy of 81 keV; used for pulmonary ventilation imaging. Symbol 133Xe.
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xe·non (Xe),

A gaseous element, atomic no. 54, atomic wt. 131.29; present in minute proportion (0.087 ppm) in the dry atmosphere; produces general anesthesia in concentrations of 70%.
[G. xenos, a stranger]
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A gaseous element, atomic no. 54, atomic wt. 131.29, present in minute proportion in the atmosphere; produces general anesthesia in concentrations of 70 vol.%.
[G. xenos, a stranger]
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