x-ray therapy

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x-ray ther·a·py

radiation therapy using x-rays; sometimes used ironically to refer to excessive use of diagnostic radiation.
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x-ray therapy

Medical treatment using controlled doses of x-ray radiation.
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X-ray therapy

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The X-ray therapy also seems to encourage growth of new axons across the injury site.
And women with cancer are sometimes given oestrogen-supressing drugs, chemotherapy and X-ray therapy that will cause irritation and pain.
In order to offer convenient treatment procedures of kidney stones, manufacturers are focusing introducing non-invasive treatment procedures the healthcare professionals are increasingly using the ultrasound or x-ray therapy. Shock wave lithotripsy devices that use the ultrasound or x-ray technology in order to help the urologists locate stones in the kidney through the x-rays and break the ureteral stones in small fractions for convenient passage.