x-ray generator

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x-ray gen·er·a·tor

the electronic device that controls production of x-rays in radiography; a key function is rectification of line voltage to produce a smooth direct current voltage to the x-ray tube.
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In addition, high demand for mono energetic x-ray generators for cardiovascular imaging, owing to its appropriate and safe intensity of energy projections, is presumed to provide growth potential to the Medical X-ray Generator Market.
The operator console will control all the system's functions, including the X-ray generator, detector array adjustment, and patient data through connectivity with the hospital information system (HIS) and the radiology information system (RIS).
The cost of an X-ray generator in a sterilization facility is comparable to the initial cobalt-60 loading of a gamma facility, according to industry data.
This referenced component is the X-ray generator, an electrical component with no moving parts or software.
The advantage of concentrating inspection only on the base of a container is that the x-ray generator can be moved much closer to the product, reducing the distance the x-ray beam must travel to the detector.
Working with existing portable x-ray generators such as INSPECTOR or SCANMAX, it is available in a portable notebook format with separate camera box and x-ray generator.
For instance, a well-collimated beam from an X-ray generator hits the suspicious area of the suitcase and the deflected X-ray quanta are detected in an energy-selective detection system, which is arranged under a definite diffraction angle.
I used a standard single-phase x-ray generator to produce a consistent 70 kVp beam with a half-value layer of 2.7 mm al eq.