written action plan

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written action plan

Abbreviation: WAP
A flexible script that patients may use to guide their own outpatient therapy when they experience deterioration in a chronic condition.

Patient care

WAPs were initially introduced into asthma therapy to guide the use of inhaled and oral steroids, but they can be used for other conditions.

WAPs typically include: 1. How to recognize signs of worsening illness; 2. treatment protocols; 3. the duration of and how to modify or increase the intensity of treatments; 4. When to seek additional help from health care professionals.

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These Questions gave insight into doctor-patient interaction, such as how doctors explain Spirometry, techniques and precautions to be taken on the use of inhalers, the purpose of each inhaler, written action plans provided to the patient and how doctors explain the early signs of worsening of asthma and its management.
Figure 3 shows a detailed written action plan for the support of those self managing their COPD.
Asthma patients should have a written action plan with instructions on when and how to escalate asthma treatment with inhaled short-acting beta-agonists (SABA) or short-course oral corticosteroids (in appropriately selected patients), and instructions for expedited communication with the physician and for seeking ED care for severe symptoms.
"Our operator completely followed the written action plan provided by the school."
Davis emphasizes that your written action plan should be with you at all times and should suit most emergencies.
The most effective assistance for the uncommitted extraverts is to help them develop a written action plan. The implications of this set of cluster analysis findings, as an extension of several other previous related studies, are quite practical and clear.
All asthma patients will benefit from a written action plan that details what action to take when symptoms occur.
Next, we developed a written action plan listing key employees prepared to deal with disasters.
The hospital issued a written action plan directing Hall to (1) avoid future arguments with coworkers; (2) communicate in a businesslike tone while remaining "professional and respectful at all times," and (3) review and abide by the policies on harassment and offensive behavior and violence in the workplace.
Using insights from the comprehensive review of your operations and procedures, the second stage of crisis planning is to develop a written action plan with clear operating protocols.
The studies were randomized controlled trials that compared the outcomes of an asthma self-management intervention with and without the use a written action plan. The primary outcomes of interest are utilization measures, such as hospitalizations and ER visits.
* Have a written Action Plan and assign responsibility and a timeline for completed activity.