written action plan

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written action plan

Abbreviation: WAP
A flexible script that patients may use to guide their own outpatient therapy when they experience deterioration in a chronic condition.

Patient care

WAPs were initially introduced into asthma therapy to guide the use of inhaled and oral steroids, but they can be used for other conditions.

WAPs typically include: 1. How to recognize signs of worsening illness; 2. treatment protocols; 3. the duration of and how to modify or increase the intensity of treatments; 4. When to seek additional help from health care professionals.

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The recommendation is still that a written action plan as part of the effort to educate patients in self-management is of value.
Emergency Support, which uses a working emergency support system and a written action plan to provide direction in case of an emergency.
Also ask him or her to provide you with a written action plan, so that you know what to do if you have an allergic reaction.
70 percent of doctors say they prepare a written action plan for all,
26, 1992 may be able to avoid liability by showing a good faith effort with a written action plan and initial steps toward compliance.