writing hand

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the terminal part of the upper limb of a human or a nonhuman primate.
ape hand one with the thumb permanently extended.
cleft hand a malformation in which the division between the fingers extends into the metacarpus; also, a hand with the middle digits absent.
claw hand see clawhand.
drop hand wristdrop.
lobster-claw hand cleft hand.
obstetrician's hand the contraction of the hand in tetany; the hand is flexed at the wrist, the fingers are flexed at the metacarpophalangeal joints but extended at the interphalangeal joints, and the thumb is strongly flexed into the palm.
writing hand in Parkinson's disease, assumption of the position by which a pen is commonly held.

writ·ing hand

a contraction of the hand muscles in parkinsonism, bringing the fingers somewhat into the position used for holding a pen.

writ·ing hand

(rīting hand)
A contraction of the hand muscles in parkinsonism, bringing the fingers somewhat into the position of holding a pen.

dom·i·nant hand

(domi-nănt hand)
Operant hand generally used for performing fine motor-skills tasks (e.g., writing, holding dental instruments).
Synonym(s): writing hand.
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The writing is the writing hand. Malone's pencil, we remember,
Allowing for forced change of writing hand, as judged by preference for other actions, the frequency of left preference for writing was estimated at 9.9%.
I still see comma splices from a mile away and often have to resist the urge to correct them on student papers; I often have to suppress my inner editor during tutorials no matter how badly my writing hand itches to make corrections.
Grounded in the popularity of chiromancy in the nineteenth century, Godfrey proposes, "[t]he thematic imbrication of reading hands and writing hands further activated the Romantic confusion of the subject perceiving and the object perceived; for the same hand that might signify the object of reading simultaneously implicated the writing subject.
Force people who are more sober than you into a playing "Bloody Knuckles." You'll undoubtedly cripple your writing hand.
Stein put her arm in a sling and hid it from her view with a screen; a colleague distracted her while her writing hand went about its business.
In this rich passage one might see--among other possibilities--a representation of the close connection between Cixous's mother and her writing, in the way in which her hand ("ma main"), her normal writing hand, phonically doubles itself, giving birth to "maman." The scene also puts into evidence the difference and division that exists between her and her mother, as the hand has become detached.
If readers try to look behind the words for the narrating process, they will only find the writer's writing hand, and the fact that the disembodied voice is merely a fictional illusion.
Also, the writing hand often obstructs the content of the page.
Because he had neglected Jerusalem, his writing hand had lost its cunning.
In chapter 4, the discussion of orthography--a practice not usually associated with listening--draws attention to the sound registered by the writing hand, thus bringing out the oral dimension of the written word both on the page and in the body.
If children are having trouble, have them hold a wadded-up paper towel or napkin in the fist of their writing hand while gripping the pencil.