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A cover, particularly one that enfolds or encloses.


1. A covering, esp. one that is wound tightly around an object, as an elastic wrap or a compression wrap.
2. To wind a covering around an object.
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compression wrap

An elastic bandage used to prevent or reduce the formation of edema. The wrap is applied starting distally; it uses overlapping spirals to progress proximally. Greater pressure is applied distally than proximally, creating a compression gradient that encourages venous and lymphatic return.
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n sheets or blankets, wet or dry, used to wrap the body as part of hydrotherapeutic treatment. See also hydrotherapy.
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Working rem wraps tog with wrapped sts, knit 4 rnds.
Use discretion when decorating the wrapping paper once it is wrapped around the gift.
Interest in green wrap has been gaining momentum in Cumbria this season as more livestock farmers are realising the benefits of green wrapped bales over black bales.
Q 34 per cent loathe gifts that are so poorly wrapped that it's obvious what's inside
The new stretch wrapper solves this problem by automatically discharging wrapped loads, so there should never be a wrapped load occupying the turntable.
Typically, presents wrapped by children are like a richly decorated birthday cake; they have a decorative surface, topped with layers of candies, pictures, stickers and toys.
As she made sur le cou-de-pied back, she simultaneously wrapped his ankle in sur le cou-de-pied front.
They planned to secure the last rope on June 23 - the Reichstag remained wrapped, like a huge reunification girl, until July 6.
Short-row 3 Purl to 4 sts before wrapped st, wrap next st, turn.
The unit is a portable all-in-one pallet wrapper and pallet jack which offers improved productivity, consistently wrapped loads, elimination of wasted film and reduced worker injuries.