wound preparation

wound preparation,

n procedures used to establish aseptic conditions before the closure of a wound. These procedures include providing anesthetic, stopping blood flow, removing hair through trimming (not shaving), irrigating and debriding the wound, and disinfecting the skin.
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The wounds were closed after wound preparation was complete.
If clinical signs of acute infection are observed after the resection of bone and bradytrophic tissues, wound preparation with serial wet-to-dry dressings and secondary closure can be applied.
Procedures included escharotomy, dressing changes, application of a biosynthetic skin substitute or allograft, skin grafting or wound preparation for subsequent grafting, anaesthetic services for placement of central lines, evaluation of inhalational injury, removal of surgical clips, and wound preparation of septic or neglected burns.
Mean duration of hospital stay for wound preparation for coverage by skin graft or flap was 10.
6-ounce extriCARE pump should accelerate wound healing and shorten the amount of time spent on wound preparation.
After a standard wound preparation, Dermabond is applied 3 mm from the wound margins and allowed to dry.