wound isolation

wound i·so·la·tion

(wūnd ī'sŏ-lā'shŭn)
Isolation used to protect the medical worker when a patient has an open wound; also known as "skin isolation."
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Burn wound isolation was higher among all the age groups and highest in 31-40Years [13.11%] CSOM was the next to burn wound and highest in 11-20 age group.
2.Output:125-140Volts Dc In 4 Steps With The Help Of Rotoary Switch,3.Output Current Range:30-35Amps D.C,4.Continuous Rating:Only 40 Amps.5.Ripple:Approx.1 Percent On Actual Load Of Battery.6.Efficiency:Approx 80 Percent ,7.Transformer:Double Wound Isolation Trnsformer Having Isolation Between Primary And Secondary, And Magnetically Coupled.8.Choke Filter Capacitor:To Filter Ripple Contents, 9.Protection:Input Mcb Output Dc Mcb And Backup Hrc Fuse,10.Indication:Mains On, Similar To Seeco Make Or Any Approved Brands By Rdso.