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The dried leaves and tops of Artemisia absinthium (family Compositae). Now seldom used, the infusion formerly was used as a tonic; in large or frequently repeated doses it produces headache, trembling, and epileptiform convulsions.
Synonym(s): wormwood
[L., fr. G. apsinthion]
A perennial shrub that contains absinthum—a bitter principle—carotene, tannins, vitamin C, and volatile oils,—e.g., thujone and chamazulene; wormwood was once used as an anthelmintic, emmenagogue, an appetite stimulant, and to increased gastric and bile secretion
Toxicity Convulsions, impotence, muscular weakness, nausea, vomiting, and possibly death; per the FDA, wormwood is ‘unsafe’


1. A woody European herb (Artemisia absinthium) formerly used as a flavoring agent, tonic, and vermifuge. The active principle is thujone (q.v.).
2. A liquor consisting of 60-75% ethanol flavored with absinthium, anise, fennel, and other herbs, long banned in the U.S. and some other countries because of its toxic effects and addictiveness.
Synonym(s): wormwood.
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At the time boys with mental health issues from Feltham Borstal - some as young as 15 - were reportedly sent to Wormwood Scrubs Hospital.
At the time boys from Feltham Borstal were reportedly sent to Wormwood Scrubs Hospital if they were suffering from mental health problems.
Quality absinthe must contain wormwood, which delivers the drinks signature bitterness, says Brad Coburn, a co-owner at Pangea, who serves 13 different absinthes and uses the liquor in cocktails.
In partnership with the University of Kentucky's Tobacco Research and Development Center, ArtemiFlow has studied whether farmers could use tobacco-growing methods to produce sweet wormwood. The study found that similarities between the two plants will allow tobacco farmers to use the same equipment and methods they use in farming tobacco, according to J.
nephew Wormwood, thus mirroring the erotodidactic tradition of a more
The menu, published by the Ministry of Justice a few years ago, seems even nicer than at Wormwood Scrubs and again includes vegan options and something suitable for those who choose to eat halal.
In tribute to the vivacity of Dahl's characters, the animated cast take on an almost cartoon-like quality, and nowhere more so than in the villains of the piece - Mr Wormwood (Sebastien Torkia) and Miss Trunchbull (Craige Els).
In tribute to the vivacity of Dahl's characters, the cast take on an almost cartoon-like quality, and nowhere more so than in the villains of the piece - Mr Wormwood (Sebastien Torkia) and Miss Trunchbull (Craige Els).
Also joining the tour from the West End show is Rebecca Thornhill as Mrs Wormwood, while Sebastien Torkia is a newcomer to the cast as her stage husband.
When I began watching Wormwood (the six-episode Netflix series, rather than the roughly four-hour movie version that played briefly at Metrograph in New York and at a few other theaters), I still was in the throes of what had been a year of MSNBC obsession--not just Rachel Maddow at 9 pm, but Rachel Maddow on repeat, as well as pretty much everything before and after her show.
Morris new project is a mildly intriguing if somewhat overwrought docuseries for Netflix called "Wormwood," which takes an old and previously covered story the CIAs connection to the 1953 death of germ-warfare scientist Frank Olson, who either jumped or was thrown from the window of a Manhattan hotel room and tries to bring its darkest and still-uncertain elements out into the light of day.
But, inspired by Matilda Wormwood, she's able to muster up the strength to fight for that little miracle of a girl.