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worldviews, the implicit, organized belief systems that undergird our understanding of the world. See also sense of coherence.
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1972 presentation provides a starting point for his articulation of worldview differences, references to his 1976 presentation suggest that he went on to expound worldview differences between Africans and Europeans in a much deeper and profound manner.
WFUNA has been partnered with Worldview Education since 2014 for its flagship conference in New York as well as the India conference in Agra.
WorldView Legion represents DigitalGlobes commitment to meet the demanding and evolving needs of our diverse customer base for many years to come, building upon our excellent track record of performance, best-in-class satellites and ground infrastructure, and deep understanding of government mission needs and commercial applications, said Dr.
The potential problem with worldview preference is thinking and behaving in a way that suggests that all people should possess similar preferences.
Worldview is a private investment management firm incorporated in the Cayman Islands which provides discretionary investment management and advisory services to certain funds (including the Economic Recovery Fund) and to other clients through managed accounts and has associated operations in the United Kingdom and the United States.
Hubble (American scholar): the mechanical worldview of single "repulsion"
A second influence shaping Ethiopian evangelicals is the theology they received from Protestant missionaries, many of whom were themselves shaped by a dichotomous pietistic worldview that separated the sacred and the secular, common among U.
Throughout the development process, the Worldview team solicited input from multinational clients and brokers, as well as Ace business unit leaders.
The powerful and outspoken figure of John Foster Dulles represented the strategy of massive retaliation, which O'Gorman pairs with the worldview of evangelicalism.
Her book, Worldview, the Orichas, and Santeria: Africa to Cuba and Beyond, is organized in twenty-four chapters with their respective conclusions, and divided in three parts.
Other Worldview features include access to program contacts, multinational standards, claims bulletins, and Global Risk Advantage[R], ACE's loss-information system.
Worldview beliefs are more likely to be absorbed through cultural contact than adopted through a rational evaluation of competing theories (p.

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