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A thorough medical examination for diagnostic purposes.


The process of obtaining all of the necessary data for diagnosing and treating a patient. It should be done in an orderly manner so that essential elements will not be overlooked. Included are retrieval of all previous medical and dental records, the patient's family and personal medical history, social and occupational history, physical examination, laboratory studies, x-ray examinations, and indicated diagnostic surgical procedures. The patient's workup is an ongoing process wherein all hospital personnel involved cooperate in attempting to determine the correct diagnosis and effective therapy. See: charting; problem-oriented medical record

sepsis workup

A colloquial term for the evaluation of a patient, esp. a neonate, with a fever, for laboratory evidence of severe infection. Common tests for febrile neonates include a complete blood count; blood cultures, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, and stool samples; and chest x-ray. Most neonates with a fever are given immediate treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics pending the results of cultures.

Patient discussion about workup

Q. I have experienced alot of hair loss over the last few months, my doctor did a complete blood workup on me, And everything came back normal. My question is what could cause this and how can I get my thick hair back without rogain and other evasive actions. And could this be a symptom of something else? Womens hair loss does not run in my family, so I am really concened about this.

A. Hair loss can be caused by malnutrition, and lack in certain vitamins, however such malnutrition would have an impact on your blood work and if the results were normal I doubt that is the reason for your hair loss. Stress is another very important factor, which is known today to have a connection with hair loss. Are you in a stressful period in your life? Perhaps when things calm down for you the situation will improve.

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Cases testing positive derive benefit on average from consequent workup or treatment, whereas controls suffer harm from unnecessary procedures or treatment.
Our organization went to our Medicare intermediary and said that this is what we wanted to do, "that we wanted to act and facilitate the workup of these potential living donors according to this protocol in accordance with the centers that have an agreement with us".
He was given an extensive cardiac workup, including a transthoracic ECG and a stress ECG at 200 bpm peak heart rate; the tests revealed no abnormalities.
Moreover, the most important consideration must be whether or not a workup and treatment will make a difference to the resident and his or her family.
The analysis and workup of the client's data is also done personally by me, unlike at other firms which rely heavily on support staff to workup cases.
12] The high prevalence of positive workups in patients with significant anemias is supported by other research, which shows that in the healthy elderly population there is little evidence of iron deficiency.
Midland offers complete services from initial design, complete creative graphic-design support, complete structural and protoype workups, and fulfillment services.
He includes additional special examinations for each neurological symptom, laboratory workups and treatment of neurological diseases, a glossary and references.
CVW-11 spent about 13 months of a 14 month period away from home, starting with workups in late 2002 and culminating in an 8 month deployment to the Arabian Gulf aboard Nimitz.
My review of medical records directs me to question nursing procedures, anesthesia and surgical procedures or complications, credentialing and recredentialing decisions, admission and discharge orders or workups, and lack of support from the chief-of staff or chair of the CQI committee in implementing meaningful changes to improve patient care.
The company provides healthcare professionals with ultra-secure and omnipresent access to their patient's data regardless of where it is geographically scattered, realizing the promise and potential of digital medical information to streamline patient workups, increase diagnostic accuracy, and improve patient management, medical intervention and follow-up.
From workups to combat ops and finally to NAS Lemoore, successfully completing the transition to the Super Hornet has been no easy journey.